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Navigating the Hiring Challenges in Onshoring Construction Booms

In recent years, the construction industry has faced significant shifts, particularly with the onshoring of manufacturing facilities like semiconductor plants. This transition, highlighted by Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co.'s (TSMC) $40 billion facility in Arizona's Silicon Desert, has exposed a critical issue: a daunting labor shortage that threatens to stall these monumental projects.

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It’s Time to Make the Shift Towards Skills-Based Hiring

The construction industry stands at a crossroads when it comes to hiring practices. Traditionally, firms have leaned heavily on metrics such as education, past employment, and specific job titles to filter candidates. This approach, while straightforward, often overlooks the nuanced capabilities and potential of individuals.

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How Construction Companies Can Capitalize on the 2024 Job Opening Surge

In 2024, the construction industry stands at a pivotal crossroads. A remarkable surge in job openings, marked by a 10% increase to reach the highest levels since 2022, signals both a challenge and an opportunity for construction companies.

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New Role in Construction: Design Integration Managers

As projects become larger and more intricate, the role of a Design Integration Manager is becoming increasingly vital. This role is pivotal in maintaining the integrity of a project, ensuring that the owner’s vision is realized without compromise.

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Construction Recruiters Help Connect Top Talent As Industry Growth Continues

The construction industry is facing a labor shortage. This global issue makes it hard for construction firms to attract talent. On top of that, construction companies struggle to retain the talent they already have. With the Great Resignation underway, this second point is even more important. As a result, construction companies need [...]

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How Much Time Will You Save by Using a Construction Search Firm?

The hiring process can take significant time and energy away from the other tasks related to running a construction firm. You have to create the job listing, then screen and interview candidates. Then, you have to negotiate and hire them. Every second you spend doing those things takes away time that you [...]

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Construction Jobs Growing Significantly Heading Into 2035

As a whole, you will have noticed construction jobs growing significantly in recent years. This trend will continue for at least the decade to come. Experts predict high employment thanks to the predicted industry growth. All Construction Jobs Growing Into 2026 From 2016 to 2026, experts predict construction and extraction jobs will [...]

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How Important Is Working from Home for Construction Employees?

The growing trend of working from home applies to all industries that allow for it, including construction. While certain roles obviously make working from home impossible, many roles, especially in preconstruction and management, can be adequately fulfilled off-site. Companies that offer the ability to work remotely for these positions will find it [...]

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‘Striketober’ Leaves Hiring Gap in Construction Industry

It only looks at recent headlines to see that employees across various industries participated in “Striketober.” That is the popularized term referring to the fact that so many workers across the construction industry went on strike in October. While construction strikes haven’t been at the forefront of the Striketober headlines, the construction [...]

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