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Brian Binke, CEO Birmingham Group – “Military Veterans in Construction” Featured in Construction Today

By Brian Binke As commercial construction recruiting firms continue to look for new ways to solve the labor shortage impacting the industry, a growing number of search consultants are reaching out to military veterans to fill vacant construction jobs. Not only are military veterans taking the oath of enlistment to support and [...]

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Brian Binke, CEO Birmingham Group – “Two challenges, three outcomes, one solution: Where do they fit in?” Featured in Oldcastle Building Solutions

By Chuck Rotondo Brian Binke of Construction Today, an online magazine, recently wrote an article titled “Solving the Skilled Labor Shortage in Construction.” He listed four approaches to attract more skilled workers to the industry. They are:   1. Allocating Funds Binke suggests “the government to take a portion of the money [...]

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Brian Binke, CEO Birmingham Group – “What Construction Companies Want in a Superintendent” Featured in United Rentals

By Kim Slowey Experience is the real gauge of a quality superintendent. Construction projects don't run themselves, and a good superintendent is a critical layer between project managers and field operations. Like many skilled construction jobs, superintendents are in demand. Here’s what contractors are looking for in a superintendent today according to [...]

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Brian Binke, CEO Birmingham Group – “The State of Construction Safety” Featured in Construction Today

By Brian Binke: February 6, 2018 Some construction employers prioritize productivity over safety. Although meeting deadlines is important in the construction industry, it should never come at the cost of a human life. Collapsing building materials, overhead power lines and heavy machinery are just a few of the potential dangers in commercial [...]

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Brian Binke, CEO Birmingham Group: “What Employers Want in a Construction Project Manager” Featured in United Rentals

By Kim Slowey Construction project managers are in high demand at the moment. If you’re thinking of becoming one, what skills and traits will you need? We talked with Brian Binke, president and CEO of Detroit-area construction executive search firm The Birmingham Group, to find out what assets employers today want their project [...]

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Brian Binke, CEO Birmingham Group – “Tips for Creating Performance Incentives” Featured in Construction Today

By Brian Binke: January 22, 2018 Once you’ve landed the best candidates for your construction jobs, the focus of your organization should shift to employee retention strategies. As a matter of course, retention should be an ongoing focus for your firm. Losing skilled workers, especially during a labor crisis, will negatively impact [...]

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Brian Binke, CEO Birmingham Group – “How local recruiters can help construction find talent amid a shortage” Featured in Construction Dive

1/9/2018: Author - Kim Slowey@kimslowey Optimism about the economic future of the construction industry is high, and employers expect to increase their payrolls in the coming year and beyond, according to the Associated General Contractors of America — but no one is really sure where the labor to support all that activity is going to [...]

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Brian Binke, CEO Birmingham Group – “Why Settling for Mediocre Talent is an Expensive Mistake” Featured in Construction Today

12/27/2017: Brian Binke Featured in Construction Today Settling for mediocre talent could be sabotaging your construction company’s success and shaving thousands of dollars off your bottom line. Since there is an ongoing labor shortage to fill construction jobs, some companies are attempting to resolve the issue by hiring subpar workers. Although it [...]

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Brian Binke, CEO of The Birmingham Group, Authored “Keeping Up With the Growth of Assisted Living Facilities” Featured in Construction Today

12/13/2017: Brian Binke Featured in Construction Today American Baby Boomers are retiring in record numbers and are often looking to simplify their living arrangements. With the number of Americans over 65 years expected to (more than) double to 88.5 million by 2050, it’s easy to see that assisted living construction will be [...]

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Brian Binke, CEO of The Birmingham Group, Authored “Good Leadership Improves Retention – Are You Being the Best Leader You Can Be?” Featured in Construction Today

11/8/2017: Good leadership is the key to good employee retention. Surveys consistently show that one of the top factors leading to job satisfaction is getting along with your boss. If you know this, then it's time to ask yourself if you're doing what it takes to be a good leader for your [...]

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