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The Role of Internships in Building Construction Careers

In the construction industry, internships have emerged as a cornerstone for cultivating the next generation of talent. By bridging the gap between theory and practical application, internships offer a unique blend of learning and professional development opportunities for aspiring construction professionals.

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Make Better and Smart Construction Hires Using These Tips

Good construction leadership always strives to have the best workers on their team. They leave the job of finding top talent to construction recruiters, so those recruiters need to figure out how to find candidates that are a good fit. This is especially challenging with the current skilled labor crisis during Covid-19. [...]

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Is the Construction Industry Experiencing a Labor Shortage?

It is no secret that there is a labor shortage in the construction industry. Even so, not everyone is clear on the impact of this shortage or how it arose. Whether you are a construction recruiter or you want to enter the industry and need a better understanding of construction careers, it [...]

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Construction Salaries Are on the Rise

Looking at current construction salary trends will show you that wages are on the rise. The rise began early last year and continues to outpace the wage growth in other industries. Experts believe that the increase in construction salaries is due to the skilled labor crisis faced by the industry. Figures Showing [...]

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Construction Manager Skills, Responsibilities, and Salary

Whether you are a construction recruiter or a worker searching for your next job, it is wise to learn about construction salary trends and responsibilities for construction managers. The following information will give you a better idea of what companies want from a construction manager. Construction Manager Skills Because of the skilled [...]

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General Foreman Roles, Responsibilities, and Salary

The general foreman is just one of many construction leadership jobs. Whether you're interested in taking advantage of the labor shortage to enter the construction industry or you’re a construction recruiter, you will want to learn more about general foremen, including their salary and responsibilities. General Foreman Roles and Responsibilities General foremen [...]

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Project Field Engineer Roles, Responsibilities, and Salary

Construction careers span a much wider range than many people initially realize. Whether you want to enter the field to take advantage of the labor shortage or are a construction recruiter, you need a good understanding of what project field engineers do. Project Field Engineer Role and Responsibilities Field engineers need a [...]

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Current Positions in Demand in Commercial Construction

Commercial construction careers are as robust as they've ever been thanks to a strong U.S. economy. Yet, firms around the country continue to face staff and labor shortages leaving some of the most crucial positions in demand in commercial construction. We continue to consult with industry executives concerning the skilled labor crisis [...]

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