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The Rising Demand for Skilled Workers in Manufacturing Hubs

The resurgence of onshoring in the United States, fueled by billions in public and private investments, is ushering in a new era of manufacturing growth. However, this boom is encountering a significant challenge: a labor shortage in the construction sector. The shortage is attributed to various factors, including the impact of the pandemic, the retirement of older construction professionals, and a lack of young adults entering the industry.

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Use Feedback to Improve the Candidate Experience

Savvy construction recruiters understand the importance of ensuring candidates have a great experience during the hiring process. If you go on to hire the candidate in question, they will be excited to work for you and your firm. If you don’t hire them, they will still view your company and construction positively [...]

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Interviewers Love It When Construction Candidates Follow Up After the Interview

Everyone has at least one interview at some point in their life, and when your turn comes, following up with the interviewer afterward is crucial. Generally, there are three times you can send an email their way. One follow-up email, one check-in email, and then another to keep in touch. Why Should [...]

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Questions You Should Be Prepared to Answer for a Construction Interview

With the skilled labor shortage (now so more than ever due to the pandemic), this is the perfect time to enter construction careers or to look for a way to advance an existing one. However, applicants should be familiar with the most common questions during construction interviews. Meanwhile, construction recruiters need to [...]

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What Top Construction Managers Look for in a New Hire

Whether you are a construction recruiter or someone looking to take advantage of the skilled labor crisis and begin a construction career, it helps to know what top construction managers look for in a new hire. Construction Managers Look for Stability Construction managers typically prefer to hire people who are serious about [...]

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Mistakes to Avoid When Job Hunting in the Construction Industry

Even with the skilled labor crisis, those searching for construction careers have to put their best foot forward if they want to land a job. Whether you want construction estimator jobs, construction leadership roles, or other positions, there are some mistakes you should avoid.   Avoid Not Using Technology During Your Job [...]

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How to Spot Sales Superstars

Sales is an often overlooked aspect of construction. When looking for someone to join their sales team, construction recruiters need to know what to look for. The following are just some of the traits of sales superstars that you should be looking for. Sales Superstars Are Trainable Sales superstars will start with [...]

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Oil and Gas Construction: How New Regulations are Impacting the Industry

Mother nature isn’t the only thing with enough power to hold back progress in the construction industry. For better or for worse, permitting, and government regulations continue to expand across North America, often resulting in significant delays to some of the biggest building projects. The energy industry is just one of the [...]

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How to Differentiate Yourself and Get Great Construction Job Offers

If you’re looking for construction jobs, and only want to get the best possible offers, then you’ll need to focus more on differentiating yourself from other candidates. Construction recruiters are helping candidates to get great opportunity and better compensation package with these tips. Pre-Interview Strategy Effective interview preparation is essential for success. [...]

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Top Tips for Interviewing Candidates

Interviewing candidates can be an intimidating task, even for seasoned hiring managers. You have to evaluate talent and pinpoint those who have the same values as the company while also presenting the company in the best possible light. Your words and actions have the potential to win a candidate over or to [...]

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