If you’re looking for an effective way to help improve loyalty and retention in your organization, then you should consider the benefits of treating your employees like members of a family. Workers today want more than a paycheck from their jobs. They also want to feel fulfilled by doing work that is meaningful. Successful families are built on a foundation of empathy, trust, open communication, and care. That’s why it’s more important than ever to listen to and respect the ideas of your employees and allow them some freedom to improve upon their roles. Here are some other ways to help employees feel like valued family members.

  • Give credit – There are a variety of effective ways to give credit where it’s due. Employee of the month awards are a terrific way to inspire team members to reach their goals. Regular positive feedback and recognition are quite common in work environments that are productive and successful. Even small gestures, like recognizing employees who go above and beyond in a company-wide email or praising specific individuals at the start of a staff meeting can help inspire team members.
  • Don’t micromanage – Micromanagement is detrimental to trust and productivity. Just like family members, employees also need the freedom to think and act on their own accord, or they will become habitually dependent on (or resentful of) their leader.
  • Rewards – Providing employees with an incentive, like box seats at a sports arena, concert ticket, etc., is another way to boost morale and motivation. Rewards should always be based on merit rather than favoritism to be effective.
  • Discounts – From local restaurants to departments stores, a growing number of organizations are offering their employees some type of discount program to show their appreciation.
  • Events – Annual picnics are the epitome of family functions. They provide you with a more comfortable setting outside of the office to connect with your employees and colleagues.
  • Employee getaways – Giving employees access to a company-owned (or rented) ranch, cabin, or B & B for weekend getaways are great ways to show appreciation to your employees and boost overall morale.
  • Tuition reimbursement – Some firms offer tuition reimbursement for their employees and their children. The reimbursement may be based on grades; for example: 100% for As, 75% B and above. Or it could just be a flat amount $5000/year for each family member.
  • Health club memberships – Just like you would want your family members to be healthy, if you want your employees to achieve their goals, then you should be encouraging healthy behaviors such as regular movement and healthy cooking classes. It’s really a win-win since employees who exercise on a regular basis also miss fewer days of work.
  • Celebration for anniversaries – One way to show you care is to first engage your employee’s inner circle to find out what they want. Then, ensure the celebrations are customized and personal for those employees reaching a particular milestone (5, 10 years, etc.)
  • Woo potential employees with simple gifts. Presuming that a talented candidate for a construction leadership position will be in demand, offering them a perk like a gift certificate to their favorite restaurant could give them a strong positive feeling about your firm and might make them consider your opportunity as a priority over others.


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